Bamboo Cabinetry is Perfect for Your Sustainable Kitchen Remodel

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Kitchens are the heart of the home and serve as a natural gathering place for family and friends. Kitchens are also one area where people like to make home improvements. Whether you are considering a full kitchen remodel, or just a few updates, it is easier than ever to do it in a “green” or sustainable manner. Three ways that you can make your next kitchen remodel more sustainable is through the use of beautiful bamboo cabinetry, non-toxic wall treatments and installing a high-efficiency dishwasher.

Bamboo – Beautifully Sustainable

When you think of bamboo, you might get images of a lolling panda bear in a bamboo forest. You might be surprised the variety of ways that bamboo is used today, especially in construction materials. Bamboo is a fast growing grass, which makes it an excellent material to use in sustainable products. Compared to typical hardwoods, bamboo regenerates to maturity in 1/6 the time. Bamboo cabinetry is gaining popularity as a beautiful and durable product for kitchen. Similar to cabinets made of other materials they are available in a range of finishes and styles. From a durability perspective, bamboo is 25% harder than oak and 15% harder than maple.

Bamboo cabinetry comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to make sure you get the perfect customizations for your needs. From single and double wall cabinets to sink bases, corner pieces, and drawer bases, the option to configure your beautiful and functional kitchen is easier than ever.

Choose Non-Toxic Paints and Finishes

As you think about how you will finish your walls in your kitchen, a great way to keep the “green” theme in your work is to choose paints that are contain low, or no volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Many VOC let off toxic fumes and odors during application and drying. By choosing paints that are low-VOC or no-VOC, you can reduce the amount of off gassing. Look for paints that are third-party certified by Green Seal. Paints that meet the GS-11 certification meet certain performance requirements while reducing the use of hazardous substances and requiring low VOC content.

High-Efficiency Dishwashers

High-efficiency dishwashers save water and energy compared to older models. Did you know that about 60% of the energy expended by a dishwasher is to heat the water? Therefore, selecting a machine that is water efficient will also make it energy efficient. In addition to water and energy efficiency, select a mode that offers you different wash cycle options and has a “no-heat” drying mode. Some utility companies are offering rebates for high-efficiency dishwashers, so check with your local utility provider.

There are more ways to incorporate sustainability in your kitchen remodel, including the use of compact fluorescent lighting and recycled flooring materials. The range of sustainable products grows each year, and it is now easier than ever to have a beautiful and sustainable kitchen remodel.



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Easy and Sustainable Bathroom Remodels Using Bamboo Cabinetry

Bathroom remodels are one of the most popular remodeling projects in the home. Whether it is a desire for a large bathroom, a luxurious shower, or more storage and organization, bathroom remodels are often at the top of home owners’ wish lists. Bathrooms are moving beyond a functional necessity to a relaxing oasis. A well-done bathroom remodel can also add value to your home.

More and more home owners are looking to undertake their bathroom remodel in a more sustainable way. This is becoming easier to do, due to the large availability of renewable products and water efficient fixtures on the market. One easy way to boost the “green factor” of your bathroom remodel is through the use of beautiful bamboo cabinetry.

Bamboo is a great material for the use in bathroom cabinetry. Bamboo has become a bit of a darling in the design industry. While it has been used for centuries in East Asian countries for building things, it is still fairly new in the Western market.  Bamboo is a fast-growing grass that has a short harvest cycle. Compared to typical hardwoods, bamboo regenerates to maturity in 1/6 the time. It is also extremely durable, with a hardness that exceeds maple and oak.

Bamboo cabinetry comes in a variety of shapes and sizes to make sure you get the perfect customizations for your needs. From vanity pieces and sink bases, to one-and two-door cabinets to drawer components. It is easier than ever to incorporate this beautiful product into your next remodel.

Depending on the finishes on the product, what hardware is used, and the associated wall and floor treatments, bamboo cabinetry can take on different personalities. From a very sleek modern urban feel to something more traditional, bamboo has the ability to flex to the design aesthetic of your future bathroom. Coupled with the fact that bamboo cabinets are extremely durable and easy to care for, they has become the emerging product of choice for those seeking a sustainable bathroom remodel.

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